Excellent U.S. site on poultry.
Official site of the Gauloise dorée-Club : everything there is to know about this association
Lionel Bosson takes up (with permission) many documents from the Bantam Club Français (French Bantam Club). In French and English.
As suggested by the name, this site is devoted to dwarf breeds. It has four parts : breeding, Gazette Avicole (Poultry Gazette : news), questions-and answers, contact us.
M. Oberson presents the "Club suisse des éleveurs de volailles françaises".
Talks , among others, of the Géline de Touraine
Site of M. Artèse and Sélections Avicoles ; it is devoted to farmyrd animals (breeding advice...), assorted goods, bookstore, videos... but also other subjects such as dietetics.
Everything about the society FERME, society for the defense of domestic animals (breeds of old, similar societies, the FERME journal...) In English and French .
Presents the organization of the farmyard of department 67 and the regional breeds
Site devoted to the Indian Runner duck .
The site of farmyard breeds of old (presents only the Black Bresse-Gauloise and the Norman Rabbit) and automobiles of yesteryear.
Official site of the Bresse-Gauloise-Club : everything there is to know about this association
Site of the Géline de Touraine, built by Jean-Louis Choisel.

Site of the "Marans Club de France".
Dimatel presents it's catalog of materiel.
Presents the activities of this poultry farm including rearing of ornamental birds, sales, catalog...
Site of the Poultry Conservatory of North Picardy.
Site of "Aviculture 89" ; presents the activities of this association.
The Beaumont farm, well known for it's poultry farmers presents it's catalog of animals and materiel.
Site of the BRG (Bureau des Ressources Génétiques : Bureau of Genetic Ressources). To enter the Hen section (155 varieties), clic on "Ressources génétiques animales " (Animal Genetic Ressources).
Site of the Avicolclub (poultry club) of Montceau-Cluny (71)
French pigeons
French rabbits