(Fédération Française des Associations d'Eleveurs de Gallinacés et de Palmipèdes)
(French Federation of Gallinae and Palmiped Breeder Associations)
The French Fowl Federation insures contacts between all breeders through specialized poultry organizations. It also defends their interests.

Only organizations, syndicates, societies, clubs and regional breeding groups can become members.

"Volailles Info" (Poultry Info) is the bulletin of the French Fowl Federation , it comes out every two months and it is distributed in all of France. It is essential if one wishes to keep informed of poultry events and news.

On the agenda : a National Poultry exposition which at present is organized every three years : 1998, 2001...

The publication of the standard des grandes races de volailles (Standard of the Great Poultry Breeds) is also another task undertaken by the Federation. The current edition was published in 2000.

For further information, you can contact the President :
Jean-Claude PERIQUET
2-3, Hameau de Pierreville - F-55400 Gincrey
Tel/Fax 03 29 87 15 56

  • Board of directors F.F.V. 2001 :
    President : Jean-Claude Périquet, 2 et 3 hameau de Pierreville, F-55400 Gincrey
    Vice-presidents :
    Marylène Le Goff, Kervoreden, F-29500 Ergué-Gabéric
    Christian Keller, 1 rue des vergers, 67120 Molsheim
    Guy Meyer, La Girauderie, 86100 Sénillé
    Secretary : Bernard Gerber, 67 rue des Artisans, F-68210 Bréchaumont
    Tresurer : Désiré Jund, 24 rue de la Paix, F-67500 Weitbruch
    Members :
    Pierre Delambre, 39bis rue d'Estienne d'Orves, F-92140 Clamart
    Le Maître Pierre, Le Mont Mirel, F-14400 Saint Loup Hors
    Terki Franck, 32 rue du Pont des Tanneries, F-21000 Dijon
    Président d'honneur : Martin Jean-Claude


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